We made a blanket fort last night

So, I decided that I didn’t have enough money to see Jenny Lewis. I was upset, but I decided to be stoic about it and not bitch.

A little time passed.

K and I are getting on the bus home, and she goes “I got this weird email, can you look at it?”

I did. It was the receipt for two tickets to see J.Lew.

What an amazing dweeb.


boxwood tree shop, www.etsy.com/shop/boxwoodtree

This shop sells beautiful pieces for any terrarium project you’ve wanted to do, or even just use it as something to hold other things in your home.  The shapes of the terrariums is what sets these apart from others, they are geometric, making them a statement wherever you have them.  Take a peek at these wonderful pieces.

(via oceanographe)

Dude just got on the subway real slow. I mentally called him Jared Leto, and then he looked at me and scowled. Can he read my thoughts??